About Us

The purpose of this site has gone through several iterations. Initially it was to provide setup services to customers who wanted to use the EzyEdit Content Management System. Later its focus was to provide resources and follow-up material to the ‘basic computing classes’ held at the Allen Senior Center. Later the site took on a more general purpose; that of simply being a ‘technology helper’. Whether it was advice on web site setup, computer maintenance, or specific assistance with Excel functions, this site will was used to answer the questions of friends, family, and those that subscribe. It still is and people use the Contact Us page to make contact for help with their technology issues. But at least for the moment, the focus of the site will be heading back towards its original purpose – helping those wishing to set up a domain name &/or a content managed web site. I’m also not opposed to making a little ‘mad money’ with the site and so the links to services I suggest will often give me a little bonus. Yet please keep in mind that I’m not just recommending vendors for a referral bonus. If I just wanted to make money there are better affiliate programs out there. The vendors I recommend are ones that I have done buisiness with for years and also use personally. I recommend them because they are good and I have reason to trust them.

Please consider signing up for membership to the site or to the RSS feed. I promise, you will never be spammed and your email address will never be given or sold to others.

~ Andrew (Drew)

PS. Sorry, but I will be of limited help to Linux desktop users and even less to Apple users. Linux is far from ready for use by the everyday home PC user. Although I am familiar with the system, I am not at the level of knowledge where I would feel comfortable giving advice or assistance. Mac’s are by far and away superior machines to anything else on the market, but it has been years since I have worked with Mac’s. These days, I’m pretty much a Windows user.

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